Multi-Family New Construction

American Water & Energy Savers (AWES) offers utility submetering services for multi-family new construction projects and has been doing so for over 15 years.

AWES will supply and ship meters to the site that are then installed by the on-site contractor’s plumbers. Once meters are installed, AWES dispatches technicians to the site to install the AMR (automatic meter reading) RF (radio frequency) water meter system with the necessary electronics in each apartment.

In addition, AWES provides monthly meter reading, customer billing, and collection (R.B.C.) services. The services include monthly in depth management reports detailing account status, collections, outstanding balances, cash receipts and reconciliation reports. These reports are available on-line. Please see Utility Submetering for additional information.



Master Meter Multi-Jets (5/8", 3/4" and 1")
Master Meter Multi-Jets (1 1/2" and 2")
Master Meter Flexibel Axis Meters
AMCO C700 Positive Displacement Meter
AMCO C700 Meter with InsideR™ Transmitter
Sensus Fire Line Water Meter
Sensus Omni Turbine Water Meter
Sensus Turbine Water Meter
Neptune Commercial Meter

A.W.W.A. STANDARDS - The American Water Works Association has set standards that the industry believes all meters should meet. Some meters being sold on the marketplace today do not meet these standards and are, therefore, more prone to problems and a shorter life expectancy. American Water chooses its meters accordingly.


IMS Integrated Metering Systems Series 1000
IMS Integrated Metering Systems 3PH4 2000
IMS Integrated Metering Systems Mini-Meter
IMS Integrated Metering Systems Mini-Meter Components


Actaris METRIS Gas meter
NORGAS GALLUS 2000 Gas meter

Wireless RF AMR (automatic meter reading) Systems

INOVONICS Wireless AMR Systems
Hexagram Fixed Network Wireless AMR Systems
Hexagram Submetering Modules
Hexagram Submetering Data Collection Units