Retail New Construction

For new construction projects, AWES provides a quality meter installation program that can dramatically reduce impact and/or master meter fees, coupled with a premier billing service.

The developer simply has the city bring water service to the property with a minimal amount of master water meters. AWES will install the onsite DCU (data collection unit). As new spaces are leased out, the owner/developer instructs the tenant’s contractor to contact AWES, who then coordinates meter installation with the new tenant’s plumber taking the burden off the onsite contractor. The day after installation, AWES is tracking daily water consumption and billing the new tenant. They also offer the same service for electric and gas.

Several of the country’s largest developers such as Regency Centers have revised their lease language and specify AWES’ equipment for the onsite sub-metering system. They also provide contact information in the lease and the tenant handbook so that when the new tenant is ready to begin their build-out, their contractor can coordinate with AWES. With the installation of this state-of-the-art RF (radio frequency) sub-metering system, AWES is actually interrogating/reading each meter daily. Your company and your tenants then benefit from their full-service billing program that includes collections, reconciliation, customer service and monthly management reports.


  • Save on impact and/or master meter fees.
  • Initial meter cost and installation paid by tenant directly to AWES.
  • State-of-the-art wireless monitoring system. Water and/or gas and/or electric meters read daily.
  • DCU (data collection unit) requires single phone line and 110 volt outlet for entire property (typically located in fire riser room).
  • Standard meter installation with no special equipment required. Onsite plumber simply sets water meter labeled for that particular bay.
  • As each individual meter is installed, AWES is tracking consumption daily.
  • Property management team inherits full-service billing program including reconciliation, collection, customer service and reports decreasing administration costs and headaches and improving overall tenant relations.



Master Meter Multi-Jets (5/8", 3/4" and 1")
Master Meter Multi-Jets (1 1/2" and 2")
Master Meter Flexibel Axis Meters
AMCO C700 Positive Displacement Meter
AMCO C700 Meter with InsideR™ Transmitter Sensus Fire Line Water Meter
Sensus Omni Turbine Water Meter
Sensus Turbine Water Meter
Neptune Commercial Meter

A.W.W.A. STANDARDS - The American Water Works Association has set standards that the industry believes all meters should meet. Some meters being sold on the marketplace today do not meet these standards and are, therefore, more prone to problems and a shorter life expectancy. American Water chooses its meters accordingly.


IMS Integrated Metering Systems Series 1000
IMS Integrated Metering Systems 3PH4 2000
IMS Integrated Metering Systems Mini-Meter
IMS Integrated Metering Systems Mini-Meter Components


Actaris METRIS Gas meter
NORGAS GALLUS 2000 Gas meter

Wireless RF AMR (automatic meter reading) Systems

Hexagram Fixed Network Wireless AMR Systems
Hexagram Submetering Modules
Hexagram Submetering Data Collection Units