T.A.B.S™ - Trend Analysis Billing System, an alternative solution to individual submeters.

Advances in metering technology have made it possible to convert retail properties to an individually submetered program. However, budget constraints can sometimes make a submetering plan too costly to implement. This leaves the property’s management team with no other solution, but to allocate water/sewer costs through CAM or other challenging or outdated methods. More and more tenants are resisting or protesting such forms of allocation while property managers struggle with accurate reconciliation and billing.

How does TABS work?

AWES performs a unit-by-unit analysis on each retail property’s tenant profile. This information is entered into our extensive billing history database (over 10 years of monitoring and billing retail tenants nationwide) to identify individual consumption profiles. Our process provides the most accurate billing summary next to a complete submetering program. The actual property utility bill is then proportionately distributed to each tenant, based upon the results of our trend analysis formula.

Included in TABS is AWES’ premier billing service which includes reconciling the monthly water/sewer bill, generating and mailing tenants bills, collecting funds and reimbursing the owner (owner continues to pay master meter bill), providing ongoing customer service support to tenants and providing management reports to the owner designate.


  • a) Removes administrative burden/cost from owner.
  • b) Timely monthly reconciliation and billing improves both owner's and tenants' cash flow.
  • c) Avoids shortfalls at the end of the year.
  • d) Supports tenant retention efforts, as it provides more accurate billing based on tenant profile projected usage versus square footage and allows for better cash flow management with more frequent billing.
  • e) Includes our comprehensive toll free customer service for your tenants. Our staff is prepared to handle the tough questions about the bills and the allocation process.