Water Conservation Retrofit

AWES’ Water Conservation Retrofit program can drive savings of 30% - 50% of your property’s water/sewer costs through the installation of state-of-the-art, low-flow equipment such as flapperless toilets, showerheads, bathroom/kitchen aerators and flappers (if requested).

The first step is a water consumption analysis based on the following information:

  • a. Review property profile information such as year built, number of units, average occupancy, etc. and analyze one year’s water bills to determine property consumption history.
  • b. A preliminary analysis of savings opportunity will be provided based on the above information. If those results suggest a clear savings opportunity, AWES will perform an on-site survey.
  • c. The on-site survey and inspection of property will involve measurement of fixture flow rates at faucets, toilets and shower heads from a sampling of units.
  • d. A proposal will be generated from the information gathered showing current and projected water usage, recommended conservation methods, cost analysis and the projected increase in your property’s valuation.

Once the owner agrees to move forward with the proposed water conservation retrofit program, AWES will then proceed with the installation of the recommended low-flow equipment. In addition to the retrofit installation, AWES will address interior leak deficiencies such as faucet leaks and defective shower diverters. AWES will provide a PERFORMANCE GUARANTY. If the projected savings are not met within the projected time frame, AWES will issue a refund to the property.

Financing is available to properties that qualify.


  • 1. Reduction of your properties water/sewer costs ranging from 30%-50%.
  • 2. Increased NOI results in increased property value.
  • 3. By keeping water/sewer costs in check, your property remains competitive in the marketplace.


Flapperless Toilet

Niagra Toilets
Niagra 1.28 gallons per flush
Niagra .80 gallons per flush

Showerheads & Kitchen/Bathroom Aerators

Showerheads & Bathroom/Kitchen Aerators
Bathroom Aerators
Low-Flow Earth Massage Showerheads


AWES Adjustable Flappers